upenn application fee 2024


upenn application fee 2024

Application for admission is free of charge only when you
apply from September 1 through March 1 of each year, but in exceed of time
instructed you are supposed to pay about $75 non-refundable application fee. Except
for those who are coming from these institutions as instructed on the list
below are not supposed to pay $75 non-refundable instead they are instructed to
email to obtain a fee waiver code before paying the
$75 application fee.

List of institutions which are not supposed to pay
$75 non-refundable application fee

1.         City Year

2.         Fulbright

3.         Institute for the Recruitment of
Teachers (IRT)

4.         McNair Scholars

5.         Accelerated Bachelor to Master’s Degree

6.         Teach for America (TFA)

7.         University of Pennsylvania employees

In case it happens that applicant is coming from these
institutions,He or She is not allowed to pay $75 non-refundable application fee
hence recommended to follow instructions as provided already

upenn application fee is only charged for applicants who
comes late during application for admissions while for applicants who comes on
date the application for admission in any course if free of charge.

upenn application fee waiver

Infact the admission in Pennsylvania University are seemed
to be highly selective and the admission rate is approximately to be 4%. On the
previous year the total number of applicants received for admission were
exactly 59,463 students. Applicant who are seeking for admission on graduate
admissions at University of Pennsylvania must send their application forms via Common
or Coalition Application.

The requirements to be admitted by upenn are a minimum GPA
of 3.0 (85%) in high school for ug and GPA of 3.9 (98%) for pg. minimum GPA
requirements during admissions at UPenn MBA is not considered hence this means
not necessary. In other side explanations about recently admitted students is
3.6 (91%) and that is for recent admissions to MBA program. Achievement for GMAT
score its Average was about 728 while the GRE score was 162.

University of Pennsylvania Top Programs


Years to study


M.S in Electrical Engineering

3-4 year undergraduate degree


M.S in Engineering – Data Science

3-4 year undergraduate degree


Master of Computer and Information
Technology [M.C.I.T]

3-4 year undergraduate degree


M.S in Biotechnology

3-4 year undergraduate degree


Master of Science in Nursing [M.S.N]

BSN degree


Master of Public Health [M.P.H]

Undergraduate degree in related


Master of Law [L.L.M]

JD or relevant law degree



Tips on what Selection Criteria for University of
Pennsylvania Admissions are considered

Once you take a look on the previous year’s admissions there
is 4% as total of about 59463 applicants only 2420 of them were accepted as
described and explained also by concisely.

Mostly of the accepted applicants 90% of the whole percentage
belongs to the top 10% of their high school class, in clear statement SAT
average Score were about 1510 up to 1560 which actually this try explain that academically
elite students are considered for admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does upenn accept late applications?

Yes it accept late applications but you will encounter non-refundable
application fee as in exceed of time instructed you are supposed to pay about
$75 non-refundable application fee.

Does upenn accept transfer students?

Yes it accepts transfer students but in small rate as explained
and we take reference also from from its post  UPenn Transfer Acceptance Rate and
Requirements — 2024

which said that “for entry in the fall of 2022, 3,513 students applied for
transfer admission, and 185 were accepted. This means that the UPenn transfer
acceptance rate is 5.2%.”

Does upenn offer full scholarships?

Actually any cost supposed to come financial supporters or
your family ability to pay penn’s cost of attendance hence this means that penn
does offer any kind of merit based scholarships.

Does upenn give scholarships?

The answer is yes Upenn offer scholarship for student’s
demonstrated financial need that is real come from lower-income backgrounds

UPenn Regular Decision Deadlines

When it comes in matter of deadline Mostly of times
application end in 5th January and expect to get penn’s decision for
your Application in April 1

What does upenn look for in applicants?

Actual what upenn look for is SAT score of about 1510-1560, The
real ACT score supposed to be 34-35, and the GPA of about 3.9  or may be higher than that to be assure that
you will be admitted to UPenn with no doubt.


University of Pennsylvania applications and admissions vary
from year to year so you are advised not to give up applying for any course may
be it’s your luck to get that opportunity 

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