Software Developer (Consultant) at Ubongo

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Software Developer (Consultant) at Ubongo

We are looking for a creative, and technically skilled, Software Developer Consultant, who will work closely with Ubongo’s Software Engineer to develop the Nuzo and Namia app and series of interactive ebooks.

Nuzo and Namia App:

The App is an adaptation of stories and activities from our new Animated show called Nuzo and Namia with the focus on providing a more immersive experience on learning different african cultures and developing reading and listening comprehension skills.

The App has a game-like structure and interface in which the player has to complete different activities to win rewards. These activities are like mini-games with each having an emphasis on a certain learning objective. Some of the activities are based on popular games like the memory card game, i spy, hopscotch etc.

A version of this app already exists meaning you will work on an existing, well written and documented codebase.

Interactive ebooks:

We also have a series of ebooks (made up of images and texts) which we want to adapt into interactive experiences. The interactions will include making texts “clickable” to trigger audio read-alouds, making pages turn in a more engaging way, and adding small elements of fun to particular pages.


Develop three new activities into the existing Nuzo and Namia App, focusing on scalability and the efficient use of current infrastructure and assets.
Develop 10 PDF-formatted eBooks into interactive experiences, ensuring optimal functionality and user-friendly interaction.
Collaborate closely with the Product Lead to align development with overall project objectives and user expectations.
Enhance the Nuzo and Namia app’s existing features, focusing on improving navigation and overall user experience.
Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure robustness, usability, and reliability of the app.
Maintain and improve the codebase for the Nuzoa and Namia app, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end.

Required Qualifications:

Proven experience in mobile application development, specifically with Flutter.
Strong understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
Solid understanding of the design principles of mobile apps and user experience.
Familiarity with code versioning tools, such as Git.
Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to perform well in a team.
Ability to work with a well-documented codebase and adapt to pre-established guidelines.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in educational technology and game development.
Prior experience working with interactive eBooks and multimedia assets.
Knowledge of African cultures is a plus, aiding in the development of culturally enriching content.

NOTE: Shortlisted candidates will go through a practical interview process

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