Moshi Co-operative University admission | Selected applicants 2023/2024 Introduction

Co-operative University admission | Selected applicants 2023/2024


If you are looking for the selected
applicants at Moshi Co-operative University | usharika Moshi or Admission on
this university on how to apply, you are on the right page. This article will
help you to know how to apply for courses offered at Usharika Moshi and know
the Names of Selected applicants for 2023/2024 on Different levels including
those Of Certificate, Diploma, and Up to Degree level here at leafmanportal by
Downloading the PDF Document attached Files below of this post.

About Moshi Co-operative

The history of the Moshi Co-operative
University (MoCU) dates way back to 5th January 1963 when the then Co-operative
College Moshi was established. The College’s primary responsibility was
training human resources in the co-operative sector under the then Ministry of
Co-operatives and Community Development. The College was subsequently
established through the Co-operative College Act No. 32 (Repealed) of 1964 as
an autonomous institution with its own Governing Board.

In 2004, the Co-operative College
Moshi was transformed into MUCCoBS as the Constituent University College of
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) through Government Notice No. 172 of
2004. MoCU came into being as a result of transforming MUCCoBS into a
full-fledged University in September 2014. The University is governed by its
own Charter, made under the Universities Act No. 7 of 2005. It was accredited
by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) on 7th November 2018.

MoCU is located in Moshi Municipality,
on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro along Sokoine Road. The University has an
Institute located in the Shinyanga Region along Tabora Road, namely the Kizumbi
Institute of Co-operative and Business Education (KICoB). In addition, the
University operates 13 regional offices catering to all regions in Tanzania.
These offices are in Mtwara (serving Mtwara and Lindi regions), Mbeya (serving
Mbeya, Rukwa, and Songwe regions), Kilimanjaro (serving Kilimanjaro, and Arusha
regions), Shinyanga (serving Shinyanga and Simiyu regions), Mwanza (serving
Mwanza, Geita, Mara, and Kagera regions), Iringa (serving Iringa and Njombe
regions), Dodoma (serving Dodoma and Morogoro regions), Coast (serving Coast,
Dar-es-Salaam regions; Unguja and Pemba Islands), Singida (serving for Singida
and Manyara regions), Ruvuma, Tanga, Tabora, and Kigoma (serving for Kigoma and
Katavi regions).


To be an eminent academic institution
committed to supporting co-operative and business development.


To promote sustainable cooperative and
business development through quality training, research, and advisory services.

Core Values

v  Cooperation

v  Objectivity

v  Pursuit of
excellence in service delivery

v  Integrity and

v  Courtesy to all

v  Social

Co-operative University admission

Moshi Co-operative
University online application portal.

If you intend to apply for a
non-degree, undergraduate, or postgraduate program then you are on the right

v  In order to be
able to apply to any program, you will first need to create an account by
clicking the button on the menu bar.

v  After creating an
account, log in to be able to apply.

v  Study carefully
programs to be applied to whether you meet minimum entry qualifications.

v  For resident applicants,
please choose Tanzanian.

v  For international
applicants, please choose Foreigner.

selected students, please log in using your index number in the format
(S0001-0001-2022) as username and your LASTNAME in capital letters as a
password to confirm and download the admission letter.

Co-operative University Selected applicants 2023/2024

First batch 2023/2024

The first batch of 2023/2024
Applicants admitted into various Degree Programmes during the First Round of


Certificate and Diploma applicants
Admitted into the First Round of Application for the 2023/ 2024 Academic Year


Instructions for Joining Forms

Download the joining form here PDF

Note: In case of
Multiple Selected applicants they are supposed to Confirm with one single
College Or university as soon as possible for the sake of their loans to be
allocated in the right place, this is for those who are sponsored by HESLB and
so on.

NB: If you not being
selected for the first Batch of university Selections Don’t feel sad or give up
Just pull up and apply for the Second Batch be it Could be your Chance.

to those who have been selected
to join Moshi Co-operative University.
We wish you the best of luck in your studies but remember one thing you are
starting another level of studying but not a relaxing level so you’re supposed
to tune your mind that you’re going up there to study, nothing comes easy.

Those who you see them graduates they
just study and put their efforts and attention into school.

Hey, are you wondering how you are
going to make it at university don’t worry pass through the following Tips to
Perform better while at the University level.


Everyone is a genius in their own way.
Individual strengths vary drastically from one individual to another. Comparing
your grades with your classmates who do not put in much effort but still do well
is a bad idea. It is a sure set way to get conquered by negative emotions. A
bit of competition cannot hurt. However, improving weak subjects can
significantly vary depending on your strategy to retain knowledge.

v  Attend class
always because there are some quizzes and Tests Being conducted without being
announced that will cost your final results if you don’t perform them.

v  Take notes of
what is taught by your instructor.

v  Make sure you
have notes for every class lesson you have taught.

v  Make yourself
time every day to cover what was being taught for better memorizing.

v  Make some time
for group Discussions to share Knowledge and opinions concerning different
Topics you have covered in Class.

v  You should take
care of yourself and take time to assess your results to see if you deserve
what you have got.

v  Find some past
papers concerning certain Topics you have covered to challenge yourself and see
how you understand how to tackle different questions concerning those Topics.

v  Find solutions to
hard questions for other people in the class.

v  Consult Your
Teachers | Talk to your teachers Ask questions about the areas that you find
challenging to comprehend.

v  Pay more
attention in class – and ask questions if you’re prone to daydreaming in class,
it’s time to start focusing on the here and now. Listen to what the teacher is
saying rather than talking with friends or allowing your mind to wander.

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