Ijue ifakara| know ifakara city council-all the potencials about ifakara

ifakara| know ifakara city council-all the potencials about ifakara

Ifakara Tanzania

Ifakara is the
ward and headquarters of Kilombero District in Morogoro Region, ifakara in
Morogoro is blessed with a lot potentials. Concisely ifakara is a Developed
place with all social services includes Banks, Schools, Hospitals, Research Institutes,
and Universities.


Ifakara town council


Ifakara Town
Council is one of the nine Local Government authorities in MorogoroRegion.It
was established with effect from 25th September, 2015 through GN number 220. On
4th December, 2015 It got its certificate of establishment and became fully
operational effective from January 2016.


Ifakara Town Council is formed from earlier name of the headquarter of
Kilombero District Council known as Ifakara/Kilombero before it came an
independent Local Authority.Ifakara has been a potential entry point linking
interior areas south of Morogoro and much of the Southern west and east to
other areas as Ulanga District in the south East and Mufindi and Njombe to the



Ifakara Town
Council  bordersKilombero District
Council to the North, south and south west, Ulanga District to the south east
(along Kilombero River) and Kilolo District in North West.


The area of
Ifakara town Council lies along the Kilombero Valley and part of it in the
Rufiji Basin and Selous Game Reserve which extends to the Udzungwa Mountains
National Park, covered by Miombo woodlands which are about 1,700 meters above
sea level. The nature of catchment necessitates most water from Udzungwa
Mountain to pass in Ifakara through Lumemo River.


The Council
lies within one main agro-ecological zone called “Central zone” that suit the
cultivation of such crops as Paddy, maize, cassava and vegetable. The soil
types are loamy, clay, sandy, and sandy – loamy.

Ifakara town council official website here below

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Where ifakara is

Ifakara is
Located at Morogoro Tanzania as is among of the Districts present in rural
region of Morogoro.


Ifakara nearest

In Morogoro
there is one small Airport present at Kihonda Maghorofani in Morogoro Municipal
which is the close Airport but there are other Airports like Iringa Airpots,
Mbeya Airports, Mbeya Airport.


Ifakara institutes

There is
Institute like TARI, The Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) was
established by the Parliamentary Act No. 10 of 2016 to enhance and strengthen
of agricultural research system in Tanzania. TARI is a semi-autonomous body
under the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for all agricultural research
activities conducted by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in


Institute’s mandate is to conduct, regulate, promote and coordinate all
agricultural research activities conducted by public and private research
institutes or organisations in Tanzania. TARI aims at strengthening national
agricultural research system to enhance development and dissemination of
technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPs) to address the real
needs of farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.


TARI has a
network of 9 research Centres and 8 Sub Centres. The Centres are TARI
Makutupora, TARI Ilonga, TARI Selian, TARI Ukiriguru, TARI Naliendele, TARI
Mlingano, TARI Tumbi, TARI Uyole and TARI Kihinga. The Sub Centres are TARI
Hombolo, TARI Dakawa, TARI Maruku, TARI Mikocheni, TARI Tengeru, TARI
Kifyulilo, TARI Ifakara and TARI TARI Kibaha. TARI Headquarters is located in
Dodoma, Tanzania

The Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) here


Ifakara Health

This is among
of the major health research institute present in East Africa located at
ifakara morogoro Tanzania, it associates and impact useful research information
in science society as their vision envision a healthy and empowered population
with access to evidence-based health services and solutions.

Always strive
to achieve this vision by transforming into a center of excellence that informs
health policies and delivery of quality services collaboratively through
research, innovation, and capacity strengthening and program implementation.


History IHI

The beginning:
A visit to Ifakara by zoologist Dr. Rudolf Geigy from Switzerland in 1949
marked the beginning of over 50-year history of IHI. Geigy [1920-1995], a
scientist from the Swiss Tropical Institute in Basel, sought a fieldwork
location for researching on tropical diseases. Eight years later, he opened the
Swiss Tropical Institute Field Laboratory (STIFL) there.


The name
“Ifakara” refers to “a place you go to die”, a reflection of the historically
high burden of disease in the area, before major control efforts started.

Ifakara Health institute Here


St. Francis Referral
Hospital – Ifakara

Is the
Hospital and also university which offers Various of Health courses to the
applicants include Diploma and Degree Programmes offered in that University. Normal
admissions are done as other Universities do when the application window is being


About St. Francis
Referral Hospital

1955 Dr. Karl
Schoepf, surgeon from Zams in Tyrol, began – together with the Swiss Capucine
Fathers and the Baldegg Sisters – to build a modern hospital in the small town
of Ifakara – at that time inhabited by 3000 people – in the Kilombero valley in
the former English colony of Tanganyika. It replaced the old missionary
hospital run by the Swiss Baldegg Sisters since 1931. In 1960, the new St.
Francis Hospital was opened, one year before Tanzania became independent. It
was run by Dr. Schoepf until his return to Austria in 1969. Since then, close
relations between Zams and Ifakara have continued.


History of St.
Francis Referral Hospital

1995 Dr.
Schoepf took the initiative again and intensified the old contacts with
Tanzania. By a small group of committed people several aid transports were
organized and the training of doctors and nurses was supported. After a number
of visits to Ifakara, high engagement and, finally, noticeable success, St.
Francis Hospital has become for us something like a “Tyrolean
Hospital” in Tanzania.


partnership between the Roman Catholic parishes of Zams and Ifakara was called
into being.


2004 finally,
the cooperation was intensified to such an extent that the private supporters
believed it was necessary to found an association and have it officially
registered. This way the “Association of the Friends of Ifakara” came
into existence. Meanwhile, our association has won members and supporters all
over Austria, in Switzerland, Germany and South Tyrol. Its members work
voluntarily and pay for all expenses themselves – including flight- and
travelling costs. That is why all donations directly flow into the projects of
the association.

Visit the official St. Francis Referral
Hospital Here


St. Franscis University

Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences offers Different
Diploma and Degree health Programes located at ifakara as a part of St. Francis
Referral Hospital


Historical Background


Saint Francis
University College of Health and Allied Sciences (SFUCHAS) was established by
the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) based on the need of the Catholic
Church to contribute to the training of more doctors and other Health
Professionals in Tanzania in the face of inadequacy of qualified personnel in
Health sector, critically in the marginalized settings of Tanzania.


SFUCHAS is the
second Medical School owned by the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania after the
Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS), in Mwanza. Uniquely,
SFUCHAS is the first medical University College to be established in a rural
setting in Tanzania.


issued with a Certificate of Provisional Registration by the Tanzania
Commission for Universities (TCU) on 2nd November 2010 and It was officially
inaugurated by Hon. Hadji Hussein Mponda (MP), the then Minister for Health and
Social Welfare on 12th June, 2011 represented by His Hon. Philipo Augustino
Mulugo (MP) the then Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training. In
September 2013, the TCU issued the Certificate of Full Registration (CFR) to
the College



To be an
outstanding Catholic University by setting a standard of excellence in health
training, research and health care for the Rural Community.



To transfer
knowledge from one generation to another through teaching, advance and frontier
of knowledge through research in Rural Tanzania

To create a
competent human resource force with moral, spiritual and ethical values in
Rural Tanzania.

Delivery of
quality services to the Rural Community in Tanzania

official webpage of St. Francis University College of Health and Allied
Sciences here below

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Ifakara town
is blessed with good soil where many agriculture activities are done, involves
rice productions together with Fishing Activities as it is surrounded with
rivers and tributaries.

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