HOPE Holding, 450 Vacancies Opportunities – May 2024

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HOPE Holding, 450 Vacancies Opportunities – May 2024

Our founder’s vision was to bring international clothing and footwear brands to Tanzania to fulfill the needs of consumers who aspired to access products from around the world. This led to the formation of East Africa Retail Corporation in 2011, where they secured franchising rights for renowned brands like Babyshop, Splash, ShoeMart, Lifestyle, and Max from the Landmark Group in Dubai, UAE.

In July 2012, East Africa Retail Corporation proudly opened its first two stores, Babyshop and Splash, at the popular Mlimani City Mall in Tanzania. This marked the beginning of a journey to offer a diverse range of products to customers in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality products and a unique shopping experience has been central to their success.

With a mission to responsibly deliver products that reflect and enhance customers’ lifestyles, HOPE Holding Company Ltd continues to expand its retail establishments and franchises across the region. Affiliated with reputable brands like Redtag, LC Waikiki, Skechers, Flormar, Bottega Verde, Papparoti, and Dr. Sweets, the company remains focused on its vision of “Opening Doors to a Brighter Tomorrow.”

For those interested in exploring potential opportunities at HOPE Holding Company Ltd or the East Africa Retail Corporation, it is recommended to refer to the provided PDF document for further details on available vacancies and application procedures. If you have any questions or require additional information, feel free to reach out for assistance.


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