Bagamoyo Sugar Limited Vacancies, May 2024

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Bagamoyo Sugar Limited Vacancies, May 2024

This project represents a significant development opportunity for Tanzania, aiming to enhance domestic sugar production, reduce reliance on imports, and stimulate economic growth through both local consumption and exportation. By introducing advanced technologies from esteemed international companies like Thyssenkrupp and Netafim, Bagamoyo Sugar Limited is positioned to operate efficiently and competitively in the global market.

Additionally, the project’s focus on supporting the local community by creating job opportunities for young people aligns with the Bakhresa Group’s broader vision of contributing positively to Tanzania’s socio-economic fabric. As the project progresses towards its targeted commercial production phase in mid-2022, it is poised to make a substantial impact on the region’s sugar industry and the livelihoods of the people in Makurunge village.

This project showcases a remarkable fusion of international expertise and local empowerment, bridging the gap between cutting-edge agricultural technologies and community development in Tanzania. The collaboration with Thyssenkrupp India Pvt Ltd and Netafim signifies a commitment to leveraging the latest innovations in sugar production and irrigation practices to ensure efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

The endeavor to reduce sugar imports and achieve self-sufficiency while also generating surplus for export demonstrates a strategic approach to bolstering Tanzania’s economic self-reliance and global competitiveness. Moreover, the emphasis on job creation for the youth in the region not only addresses unemployment challenges but also lays a solid foundation for inclusive growth and social progress.

As the project moves forward, with the target of initiating commercial production by mid-2022 and an estimated output of 30,000 tonnes of sugar in its initial phase, it is poised to become a key player in Tanzania’s agro-industrial landscape. By upholding high standards of production, embracing sustainable practices, and actively engaging with the local community, Bagamoyo Sugar Limited is paving the way for a transformative impact that extends beyond the boundaries of its nucleus estate in Makurunge village.


The company is inviting applications from suitable candidates to apply for new vacant positions. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:


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