124 Job Opportunities at EACOP Tanzania | May 2024

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124 Job Opportunities at EACOP Tanzania | May 2024

Two upstream development projects, Tilenga and Kingfisher, respectively, that are not a part of EACOP development and investment are being built concurrently with EACOP. A Central Processing Facility (CPF) will be built into each development in order to separate and process the gas, water, and oil that are produced by the wells. Kingfisher is going to have a CPF with a maximum daily capacity of 42,000 barrels and four well pads. Tilenga boasts a CPF of 204000 bbl/d with 31 wellpads.

The following job openings are announced to all Tanzanians who meet the requirements below and are prepared to work at the Marine Storage Terminal Project (MST) at Chongoleani by the Human Resources Office of Daqing Oilfield Constructions Group Company Limited (DOCG).

Open Positions and Description

1. Truck Drivers – 2 Positions

2. Roller Operators – 4 Positions

3. Loader Operator

4. Water Bowser Driver/Operators – 2 Positions

5. Crawler Crane Operators – 5 Positions

6. Mobile Crane Operators – 3 Positions

7. Riggers – 36 Positions

8. Scaffolders – 30 Positions

9. Electricians – 20 Positions

10. Scissors Lift Operators – 3 Positions

11. Cement Mixer Truck Driver/Operator – 3 Positions

12. Local Dish Chef – 15 Positions

General Qualifications For the Above Positions:


  • Relevant experience in the specific role or in related fields.
  • Typically, 3-5 yearsofexperience is required for all positions, with more for specialized roles like crane operators or electricians.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Possession of any necessary licenses or certifications, such as a Heavy duty driver’s license and certificate for truck drivers and water bowser drivers, crane operator certification for crane operators, or electrician licenses for electricians from government
    authorities like EWURA.
  • Equipment operation certifications for roles like roller operators, loader operators, andscissors lift operators.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Understanding of equipment operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.
  • Proficiency in the use of tools, machines, or vehicles relevant to the role.
  • Ability to read and understand maps, blueprints, or technical documents, where applicable.
  • Basic to advanced mechanical or technical skills, depending on the position.


  • Knowledge of constructions safety regulations and industry standards, including OSHA or similar regulations.
  • Adherence to safety practices and protocols to ensure personal and workplace safety.
  • Ability to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow safety procedures.Physical Fitness and Stamina
  • Ability to perform physical tasks such as lifting heavy objects, working at heights, or handling long hours on the road.
  • Good physical condition to work in various weather conditions and environments.

Technical Proficiency

  • Ability to use technology and equipment associated with the job, such as GPS systemsfortruck drivers or specialized tools for electricians.

Communication and Teamwork

  • Strong communication skills to coordinate with team members, supervisors, and others takeholders.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment, contributing to a safe and productive work place.


  • The Contract shall be for a specific task for the the whole constructions period of the project.

Job type

  • Full time employment.

Place of Work & Residency

The place of work for these position shall be Chongoleani ward in Tanga city. Daqing Oil field Constructions Group Company Limited (DOCG) will provide food and camp accommodations in our temporary facilities for these position. It is mandatory for individual selected for this position to utilize the camp accommodations.


Application Process

The deadline for submitting job applications is 1st June, 2024;

Applications for employment with Daqing Oilfield Constructions Group Company Limited (DOCG) should be delivered in person to the Ward Executive Office in Tanga City’s Chongoleani ward (for residents of Tanga and the surrounding areas) or submitted online to:, the email address for Daqing Human Resources. (For those outside of Tanga City). Applications for jobs via email should state the position they are applying for in the subject line.

NOTE: Prior to interviews being scheduled, only applicants from the Chongoleani Ward are required to stamp their application letters at the office or dwell there. Candidates from other regions of Tanzania should refrain from doing this, as noncompliance may lead to automatic disqualification.

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